Holistic Health Holidays & Wellness in Greece
  • Discover the wisdom of nature…

  • Set sail for the ultimate journey of gracious living…

  • Happiness can be taught…

  • To be carefree is everyone’s right!

  • Rejuvination and well-being on your holidays

  • Come to rest in nature…

  • On magnificent Greek beaches…

  • Mediterranean diet , Mouth-watering delights…

  • In unrivalled natural beauty…

  • Healthy mind, healthy body.

  • Armonia is… that which bridges body, mind and soul

Company policy – Terms

Cancellation of booking prior to the start of the Seminar implies:

  • 91 days or over: 10% charge of the cost of the Seminar.
  • 90 – 60 days: 25% charge of the cost of the Seminar.
  • 59 – 30 days: 75% charge of the total cost.
  • 29 days: 100% charge of the total cost.

In the case where the Seminar is cancelled due to “ARMONIA”, for whatever reason, 60 days prior to its commencement, there will be a notification and a full refund of the deposit.

Travel and tourist services are not provided by “ARMONIA” -Holistic Health Holidays & Wellness.

The company will not be responsible for any delays or changes which occur during the time of the Seminar nor for – direct or indirect – expenses incurred which have been caused by natural disasters, accidents, flight cancellations, cancellations of destination by any other means of transport in general, weather conditions, illness, landslides, political events or any other unfortunate incident that arises.

The company takes no responsibility for any loss, injury or damage incurred to person , to property, transport or other services which occur directly or indirectly – due to freak weather conditions, storms, consequences of dangers, fire, accident, damage to equipment, cancellation of the means of transport, war, political strife, strikes, riots, theft, embezzlement, misappropriation of funds, epidemic, medical legislation, customs regulations or for any other reason which are not under its control.

Many factors such as weather conditions, conditions which might affect roads (regarding road travel), the physical condition of participants, et cetera may dictate changes either before the journey or during the time of travel. We maintain the right to change whichever Seminar for the interest of the safety, the security, the comfort and general well-being and facilitation of the participants on the trip.

The company is held responsible only for the services it provides on behalf of the therapeutic Seminar-Holistic Health Holidays & Wellness.