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Integrative Holistic Medicine unifies the classical and alternative medicine therapies, considering each person as a unique psychosomatic entity. It pursues the best therapeutic result ensuring the recovery of health and quality of life.


  1. The patient is at the centre of the therapy, not the disease.
  2. The patient is treated as an entity (spirit – body – soul)
  3. Therapy is personalized

Integrative Holistic Medicine operates according to the following PRINCIPLES:

    1. Health is the condition of dynamic balance between internal factors (body, emotion, spirit) and external (environment, society) and not the absence of illness.
    2. It promotes a therapeutic model where the patient is the centre of the approach and not the disease. Therapy is personalized and highlights the unique needs of the patient. The therapist needs to approach the patient’s history, treating him/her as an entity and to aid the therapeutic power of nature present in each and every one of us.
    3. The therapeutic process takes into consideration the personalized biochemical and genetic profile of the patient, as well as the unique environmental influences he/she undergoes
    4. It promotes holistic therapeutic methods and integrates the application of classical and alternative medical practices via a synergistic action.
    5. The chronic pathological conditions are derived from:
      • Environmental (including dietary) and psychological factors
      • Deregulation of the immune system
      • Oxidative stress
      • Toxicity from external and internal toxins (eg. heavy metals)

The symptoms of chronic diseases are derived from the malfunction and interaction of the above factors.

  1. It demonstrates the need for the amendment of the biochemical approach of the disease. It stresses the importance of a holistic therapeutic approach of the patients and the functional unification of the therapeutic methods.
  2. Due to the abundance of pharmaceutical drugs, one must be aware of the increasing side-effects caused by the prescribed drugs for illnesses such as the increase of chronic degenerative diseases and the spread of microbial strains that are resistant to antibiotics.

In this way, every human phenomenon, such as health and disease, is defined as a psychosomatic unity which is also influenced by current external conditions.

Focus is given on prevention of the disease, which is accomplished by:

  • Applying personalized nutrition programs (therapeutic nutrition), diet (detox), exercise, physical relaxation and psychological support – empowerment,
  • Using the latest diagnostic methods,
  • Prescribing combinations of drugs, herbs or dietary supplements.