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Preventive Medicine

nutrion_03Prevention is the sum of the actions that aim at delaying the manifestation of an illness or stopping it entirely.

From ancient times, the importance of prevention in health matters has been recorded: “Prevention is better than cure”, was taught at the Hippocrates Medical School, which apart from this, focused on the psychosomatic unity of the human being.

Today this theory is also recognized and applied by modern medicine.

The doctor, taking into consideration the gender, age, personal background and the environment of the patient, informs the patient of the activities that contribute to the prevention of the disease – as required with the use of screening methods for prompt detection of any illness (eg. taking blood tests to detect hypercholesterolemia or taking arterial pressure to detect hypertension) – as well as by providing relevant training and education.

In this way, training and educating the patient focuses on the lifestyle of each person and his/her adaptation to a healthier model of living. Nutrition, exercise, a positive attitude, breathing techniques and behavioral psychological techniques directly contribute to prevention.

The patient is examined, informed of any current health dangers and is educated regarding the ways that they can change their lifestyle so that it becomes a life-long habit.