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Cosmetic Medicine

cosmeticEnvironmental pollution, extensive sun exposure and skin conditions such as acne, attenuate facial skin induces the aging process. The aim of the Integrative Holistic Therapy approach is to increase the skin’s natural defences. Healthy skin indicates a balanced, healthy organism. Cosmetic Medicine includes (but is not limited to):

  • Cosmetic Acupuncture
  • Laser
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Mesotherapy

Cosmetic Acupuncture
“Cosmetic” acupuncture deals with the skin and its rejuvenation. It is applied on the body as well as on the face, neck and clevage, aiding with the healing, and gradually decreasing wrinkles giving an internal glow to the skin. The doctor uses fine needles that are placed on or peripherally to damaged points or wrinkles. As the needle is inserted a local activation of peripheral cells occurs, which secrete growth factors, collagen and others, which contribute to the rejuvenation and reconstruction of the skin. The topical “cosmetic” acupuncture, together with body acupuncture, results in the balance of the inside with the outside world, hence the harmony of the entity.
The duration of therapy depends on the specific needs of each skin.
The result of facial rejuvenation using the ancient therapeutic technique of acupuncture is identical in some cases to that of plastic surgery (face lifting) which is why it is usually referred to as facelift acupuncture. Cosmetic acupuncture is very popular throughout the world as it is mildly interventional and does not entail any of the dangers of surgery.

Laser is applied either as a sole therapy or in combination with cosmetic acupuncture. For the application of this method, special laser devices are used. Radiation in cosmetic medicine can be applied via different devices, either topically e.g. in wound healing, or in larger surfaces in anti-age therapies and skin rejuvenation. In both instances, hyaluronic acid (see below) is applied externally prior to treatment, and its action is activated by the laser. The total duration of the treatment depends on the needs of each skin. Repeater sessions are advised for the amplification and maintenance of the result. The method is effective, safe and pain free.

Hyaluronic Acid
Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is abundant in the human body. It is mainly found in the extracellular surface, and contributes to the hydrodynamics of tissues which take part in the process of healing. Due to its action, it is used in cosmetic medicine and in anti-age treatment. Hyaluronic acid increases hydration and amplifies the skin’s natural defences. It is used either externally or internally via intradermal injections. It is also used for scar treatment, wrinkle filling (face – neck) and for the reconstruction and amplification of lip volume.

Mesotherapy – Cosmetic Medicine
It is the injection of substances, through small and fine needles to skin and connective tissue, which rejuvenate the skin and its dependants. Such substances are hyaluronic acid, as well as many other substances that are naturally found in the body such as vitamins, growth factors and others. The mechanical action of needle insertion as well as the actual insertion of the substances stimulate the natural mechanisms of cellular reconstruction. The result is a healthier, glowing skin.
Usually 2-4 sessions are required every 1-2 weeks, and to ensure best results 3 repeats are advised per year. The side-effects are minimal (local redness, bruising), the result is immediate and the recovery time minimal (2-3days). The result lasts up to one year.
Mesotherapy seems to be replacing a large part of plastic surgeries as it contributes to the prevention, therefore the delay of skin aging. Furthermore, mesotherapy can be applied correctively (e.g. for maintenance of the oval of the face with hyaluronic acid injections).