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drametherapy-iconDramatherapy is the intentional and scientific use of therapeutic elements of drama and theater in the psychotherapeutic process.

It is a method of psychotherapy through art and has a complex action as it not only uses theatrical techniques but also the knowledge and the experience derived from various psychotherapeutic paths such as psychoanalytic psychotherapy, analytical / archetypal (Jungian) psychotherapy, systemic psychotherapy etc.

It is a method of work and play which uses activities that facilitate creativity, imagination, learning, self-awareness and self-growth.

Dramatherapy helps in the exploration, identification and processing of emotions and relationships both in terms of exploring the inner world of a person, as well as his/her contact with others. It offers possibilities for change through a greater awareness and self-awareness, providing opportunities to experiment with different ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.

Dramatherapy can be offered to adults of all ages, children and adolescents, families or groups of people with a common problem / interest or a common work environment.