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Laughter Yoga


Laughter is the greatest, most abundant and free remedy for the soul and body.

Laughter yoga is used as an exercise and not as an emotion. It helps us move away from our fears, sadness, worries, boundaries and get in touch with our feelings.

It is a technique that induces laughter with a combination of simple exercises, stretches, mild breathing, rhythmic clapping, singing and motion. It is not necessary to be happy or tell jokes, but by keeping eye contact with the members of the group, the forced laughter soon becomes genuine.

It is a scientifically proven fact that the benefits of laughter are many and are the same, whether the laughter is spontaneous or artificial. It creates euphoria, makes us feel good and improves our mood and our behavior towards others. Combined with light yoga stretches and correct breathing, it results in the exercise of the body and mind.

The continual exercise in laughter yoga makes us deal with life and the challenges it brings with strength and energy. We realize the importance of the “here and now”, learning to pay attention to living in the present, filled with joy and positivity.

Laughter is a unique weapon that gives us the strength to view the world differently.