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physiotherapyPhysiotherapy mainly aims at the recovery of the kinetic and functional agilities of the human body through natural methods.

Natural methods are considered the classical energy forms (heat-cryotherapy and heat therapy, electricity-electrotherapy, magnetism-magnetic field therapy), or some special subcategories, such as light (infrared and ultraviolet radiation, laser, etc), water (hydrotherapy), motion (physiotherapy and therapeutic exercise), and of course, massage and any type of chiropractic technique (lymph drainage, muscular relaxation etc).

The biggest advantage of physical therapy is the total lack of side-effects, though some adverse reactions in sessions are beneficial to the therapeutic process.

Proper physical therapy is aimed at the patient and not at the disease – the therapy process is always interactive between the therapist and the patient. The work of the therapist is auxiliary by definition, and intends to find and take advantage of the most suitable stocks and adaptive capabilities of the patient so as to restore his/her health to the maximum.